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He was a pupil of Guido Parini (CH) for five years. Afterwards he studied with Jeff Boudreaux (USA), Jojo Mayer (CH), Bruce Becker (USA), Les Wise (USA). In 1994 he obtained the "Professional Diploma" at the "American Institute of Music" in Vienna. He obtained the (CAS) Certificate of Advanced Studies in vocal/instrumental teaching.

He has played for several TV Shows and works as "Session Man" in recording studio and live. He is the artistic director of the Accademia Ticinese di Musica (ATM) where he teaches Drums, Rhythmic Solfeggio, Musical Initiation and ensemble music. He is President of the Federation of Ticinese Music Schools (FesMut). He founded and directs the Centro Studi Musicali della Svizzera Italiana ( which started its activity in Lugano in September 2006. Matteo is "endorser" for Tamburo Drums, Ufip Cymbals, Agner Swiss drumsticks.


Bass player with twenty years of experience, he has performed on the best stages of northern Italy and Italian Switzerland thanks to the collaboration with many artists and bands of different genres. Producer, composer and arranger in various record works, Paul is always careful to the harmonious interweaving with the other instruments obtaining a result of great "groove" and precision.


Violinist and singer, she matured her artistic expressiveness by playing on Swiss stages during public and private events.

She expresses her particular vocal imprint through a mix of grit and sweetness, and thanks to her careful interpretation and stage presence she is able to convey her emotions to the audience and involve them.

Lara has collaborated with various Swiss and Italian bands and has lent his voice and violin to artists from Ticino as part of their recording productions.

Boris Martinetti


Guitarist of thirty years of experience, he has collaborated with many Swiss-Italian bands.

He started from afar with a career that sees him as a very young guitarist of the Maggia Valley band "Tilt", which will later evolve into the dance music group "On Stage", active for over twenty years in Italian-speaking Switzerland.

During his career Boris made some studio productions ("Non solo On Stage", "Arie Contrarie") and several collaborations with bands and artists of various musical genres.


Multi-instrumentalist musician and arranger.

He studied violin with M. Mauro Loguercio and composition with M. Massimo Bertola and Giuseppe Giuliano, obtaining the academic diploma of experimental composition in 2010.

He participated in masterclasses and open lessons with Yuri Kasparov and Ennio Morricone.

He has been conducting the A.N.A. Nikolajewka Alpine Choir of Desio for 15 years, with which he participates annually in national meetings and with which he has carried out an intense concert activity in Italy and abroad (Munich, Prague, Vienna).

He teaches piano and harmony at the club ARCI E. Rossi of Nova Milanese, modern piano, harmony, theory and violin at the music academy Crepaldi in Pogliano Milanese (I), piano and violin at the CSM Centro Studi Musicali della Svizzera Italiana (CH). He is qualified to teach the second level Voice Building Method, a didactic method of training for artistic voices by Valentina Buttafarro.

Simone collaborates both as musician and arranger with various bands and artists of various genres active in Italy and Switzerland.

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